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Shaping your child to become well-rounded individuals
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Our preschool program is designed to prepare your preschooler for kindergarten. A daily lesson plan is posted in the classroom for your review. We encourage our preschoolers to problem solve and be independent when appropriate. Our classroom is divided into different centers so that your child can explore a variety of opportunities for learning. We believe that much of what preschool children learn will come from active play.

Your preschooler’s day will consist of indoor playtime, outside playtime, teacher-directed activities, naptime, and mealtimes. We will cover skills and concepts with preschoolers, so they are well prepared for kindergarten. The following will be incorporated into our curriculum for preschool:

  • Spanish
  • Water and Sand Play
  • Gross Motor Activities
  • Music Time
  • Language and Literature
  • Art Time
  • Computer Time